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Garage Door Track Maintenance and Troubleshooting

02/27/2014 Back To Blog

Garage Door Track Maintenance and TroubleshootingIf you want to enjoy perfect security and safety, you must ensure that all garage door parts are in excellent condition and work effectively at all times. This is easily achieved with proper care and maintenance. Here you will find useful information and advice on caring for and troubleshooting the track components. The tasks involved are easy to do so you can expect to achieve great results without much effort.

Cleaning and Lubrication

Given the structure of the garage door track components, they get a good amount of dirt which can affect their proper operation and even cause blockage of the door. That is why you need to provide cleaning as part of the regular maintenance work. Scrape off any large dirt accumulations and use a soft cloth dipped in warm water to leave the tracks spotless. It is also possible to use a cleaning solution if the dirt is too stubborn. Just make sure that it is appropriate for metal.

With proper lubrication maintenance, the tracks will work flawlessly at all times. After the cleaning, you need to apply lubricant. The product should be suitable for electric operators and must not attract dirt. You should consider using a silicone spray. It does an excellent job while being inexpensive and easy to apply.

Proper Alignment

You should inspect all the bolts holding the tracks and ensure that they are in good condition and that they are not too loose. Any rusty bolts should be replaced immediately. After this, you need to inspect the tracks carefully to check whether they are level and properly aligned with each other. If they are not, you should tighten and loosen bolts where necessary to ensure perfect alignment.

If your inspection shows serious issues such as bending, plenty of rust, dents and holes, you should replace the garage door track. Repair will not be appropriate in this case.

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