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Here you will find the best ideas about ways to keep garage door parts strong.

Replace old springs

The springs in your garage door are important. When they are broken, injuries might happen. If these springs aren’t working, the rest of garage door parts will be useless. Experts at Garage Door Locust Valley suggest replacing them right away if problems occur.

Spray-on lubricant for squeaky springs

You might encounter squeaky garage door springs often. Though it is a huge problem, the truth is that it’s a normal process. Before asking for repair, you can first try out the use of spray-on lubricants. After one spray, the problem is gone.

Lubricate the hinges and tracks

Most garage doors have hinges or tracks that allow movement and operation. However, to make sure that movement is light and smooth, remember to lubricate the tracks and hinges regularly, especially when used heavily. Our experts recommend using lubricants specially formulated for mechanical use and not just low quality lubricants or oils.

How to change the look of your garage door

A simple way to change the look of your garage door is to have windows installed. This is an inexpensive and practical solution to sprucing up the appearance of the exterior of your garage. There are plenty of options to choose from.

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