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Why Change Garage Door Openers

02/11/2014 Back To Blog

The 101 marketing rule is that when demands hit the roof, prices go up, too. Though, it is only fair to say that when there is great abundance in similar products and high competition among manufacturers, prices drop. In this sense, you won't have trouble finding a good garage door opener of high standards that will still be affordable. The question is whether you need a new unit and this is the most important thing to think over since it won't be wise to replace a perfectly reliable opener but, on the other hand, you shouldn't stick to a unit just because it manages to open and close the garage doors. There is much more to it and the new standard features can make a tremendous difference to your security, daily convenience and definitely your safety.Garage Door Opener 24/7 Services


5 reasons why you should replace the opener

Before garage door opener replacement is good to contemplate your own needs, balance the requirements of your family and consider whether there are any changes in the way you live or whether you have changed your expectations and priorities. Then you can decide more rationally.

  1. Obviously, openers dated pro the 1993 regulation for the existence of safety sensors ought to be replaced immediately in order to ensure full protection from malfunctioning systems. In case your opener embodies sensors but they don't work properly, you need to proceed with garage door sensors replacement but you won't have to change the opener.
  2. If the noise of the chain drive garage door opener bothers you or has worsened, you need to know that contemporary openers are far quieter and you can also get a belt drive motor.
  3. If the current opener cannot support rolling code remote controls, it actually means it's old. This new system guarantees greater home security.
  4. Some older systems wouldn't support a wireless garage door keypad either and this is the best way to ensure high door security.
  5. New openers come with plenty of extras, such as timers and backup battery systems, and these are both important for your security and automatic access.
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